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We love creating, coding and designing Joomla templates. The following Joomla templates are available across all of our Joomla club template packages, so feel free to browse through the designs below, or leap straight to the template showcase where you can see them in action.


September 2017 - Joomla 3+ Template

A sophisticated super flexible one page menu design combined with polished Joomla article / component styling, two new extensions, lots of different layouts and ideal for anybody looking to celebrate that special event… More

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August 2017 - Joomla 3+ Template

The Italian theme comes to demonstrate the richness and sophistication of Italian gastronomy. All this together with the great Grid Framework solution, enabling numerous forms of customization. More

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January 2017 - Joomla 3+ Template

The Aussie theme comes to highlight the beauties of Australia and Sydney. With a modern design associated with the incredible Grid Framework, it offers several customization possibilities. More

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October 2016 - Joomla 3+ Template

Utafiti is a clean and elegant design aimed at medical professionals or just those looking for an ultra polished and modern website. It’s built on the Zen Grid Framework v5 which ensures super fast page speed together with huge flexibility and functionality.


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September 2016 - Joomla 3+ Template

Colourshift2 is a revamped version of Colourshift, one of our most popular and colourful themes. Colourshift2 contains exciting new Zengrid Framework functionality and amazing flexibility with a huge range of module classes, layouts, drag and drop module positions to work with. Together with the colourful design it makes Colourshift2 the perfect choice for websites that need flexibility, performance and a splash of colour.


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August 2016 - Joomla 3+ Template

An elegant one page Joomla template designed for artists, photographers or any one who just loves simplicity. It comes with a few nifty new features and fucntionality which make controlling this Build.r child theme a breeze.


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June 2016 - Joomla 3+ Template

Our Joomla template release for June 2016 is a Joomla 3 update of one of our favourite templates in the catalogue. Highline was originally released in October 2012 and quickly became a favourite amongst our users. This design has been used for such far afield subjects as an online petshop, to a high level mathematics website and beyond. More

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May 2016 - Joomla 3+ Template

Grid4 is the fourth incarnation of the Grid series of themes. It features a smattering of new layouts and designs for the modern photographer, making it a perfect choice for your next Joomla based photography website. More

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April 2016 - Joomla 3+ Template

Build.r is a do it yourself starter theme that truly puts control of your design at your finger tips, without compromising on performance, flexibility or functionality. It's also built on the Zen Grid Framework v5 which means it's super fast and capable of achieving ridiculously high page speed scores in Google page speed tests. More

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December 2015 - Joomla 3+ Template

A bright and beautiful corporate template for Joomla 3+. Corporation is blazingly fast, incredibly flexible and oh so very very elegant. It's a Joomla template that is designed to put control of your design back into your finger tips. More

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October 2015 - Joomla 3+ Template

Scale new heights in 2015 with Ascent2. This new Joomla template is a reworking of our 2012 favourite - just like the original it's a flexible responsive template with elegant lines, classic typography and a tonne of features to help you build a beautiful responsive Joomla website. More

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September 2015 - Joomla 3+ Template

Let Medica take care of your website while you care for others. Medica is an elegant and health oriented business theme with a tonne of class and style.         More

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