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Scale new heights in 2015 with Ascent2. This new Joomla template is a reworking of our 2012 favourite - just like the original it's a flexible responsive template with elegant lines, classic typography and a tonne of features to help you build a beautiful responsive Joomla website. More

  • High performance out of the box

    Ascent2 yields high page speed results using the built in template defaults and optimisation tools. Without any additions to your server configuration and with optimised content (mainly in the form of appropriately sized images) Ascent2 is capable of producing page speed results in the mid 80s. With our specifically created htaccess file you can easily create pages that score in the high 80's and even 90's.

  • Advanced Theming Options

    Ascent2 gives you the power to control the most important theme variables from with the template control panel. Easily change the colour for key on page elements including links, text, headings, buttons, menu, offcanvas and hidden panel colours. In addition to this ZGF4 based themes have the ability to target specific rows of content making it easy create and apply custom styles to specific rows of modules on the page.

  • Need fonts? We have fonts.

    Zen Grid Framework v4 themes have a default stock of font stacks for fast page rendering, or if you prefer something a little more fancy you can select from any of the fonts included in the Google Web Directory or add any of your curated font kits from Typekit.

  • A selection of menu options

    Our simple mega menu makes it possible to enhance your main menu by adding icons, converting drop down menus into multiple columns and even displaying a module inside the menu item. In addition you can use the built in accordion menu to transform your site's sidebar content as well as use the offcanvas menu and panel for less crucial content.

  • Create beautiful galleries with Zentools2

    Zentools2 is our do anything content module that can create a wide variety of stunning layouts using an array of content sources to display your thoughts and images. Select from filter, masonry, accordion, grid, carousel, slideshows and more to present your content.

  • Builtin Effects

    Ascent2 comes with some added enhancements for your site's usability as well as some extra effects which are there ... well ... just for added bling. The sticky nav, back to top panel and image lazy load are all baked into the framework codebase so it's as easy as flicking a switch to add these enhancements to your site. In addition css3 effects can be applied to each row of content (or via zentools2) each content item in zentools2, so your content face, bounce or slide into view when the user scrolls down the page.

  • Advanced responsive control

    Breakpoints literally mean the point at which your design breaks, which means that each design will behave differently across different devices and with different content. Zen Grid Framework v4 themes come with the ability to for you to control a range of different responsive behaviours including being able to specify widths for phones, tablets and desktops as well as when the basic grid and navigation should collapse. You can also determine the maximum width for the main site container across 3 different screen sizes

  • Flexible layout control

    Ascent2 comes with a built in layout tool which makes it possible to easily change the widths of specific modules using the draggable interface. In addition to this your content is always source ordered so that the main content area will always display above the sidebar on small screens, on left sidebar, right sidebar or left main and right sidebar layouts.

  • Connect your social networks

    Ascent2 features a selection of socialbuttons that are built into the template using Facebook like, Twitter tweet, Google Plus one and Pinterest pinit share technology. You can also add your own social network icons via the template admin.

  • Developer friendly tools and architecture

    Our framework is an open and flexible templating framework that provides an easy to follow layout structure and hierarchy with a lot of tools such as script and css compression out of the box via the template settings.

  • Built in One page mode

    One page websites are big news in 2015 and Ascent2 features the ability to transform the main menu into a menu consisting of links to various rows on the page.

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