Frequently Asked Questions



Please find below a selection of questions we are frequently asked question regarding terms and conditions of the site and anything else related to our templates.


What does template rebranding mean?

Template rebranding means removing the Joomlabamboo logo and back link in the template. Developer level subscribers are given this right automatically while members with basic subscriptions can purchase the right to remove the logo and link via the user profile area.


Can I use the template on my site after my subscription runs out?

Yes. Membership to the template club entitles you to access our download area for the time period of your subscription but any template you have downloaded during that time is yours to use for as long as you like. The number of templates you are entitled to use on concurrent sites however does not change.


Can I upgrade my subscription?

It is possible to upgrade your subscription if you need to change the length or level of the subscription. Please contact us via the contact form for information on how to go about upgrading your subscription.


Do you limit the number of templates I can download?

During the term of your membership you can download as many templates as often as you like. For all basic memberships the number of domains you can use the templates on is limited by the type of subscription you subscribe to.


How can I contact Joomlabamboo for support?

We offer fast and thorough support options via our support forum and ticket system. If you have a query regarding your membership please use the contact form and supply paypal transaction, user id and email address details. We do not offer phone or live skype or messenger support.


Do you offer support via the contact form?

We only accept support requests via the support forum and ticket system. If you need to supply confidential information please create a support ticket.


Can I change the images in the template?

Everything in the template can be practically changed, removed or edited. Not all images you see on the demo sites are referenced via the template. Most of them are a part of the Joomla content or content from the slideshows.


Can I redistribute the templates after I join?

The membership fee entitles you to use these designs for your own use or on a clients site but not for re-selling or posting for download for free or otherwise.


What license are the designs released under?

These designs are released as a commercial product unless otherwise stated.


Can I remove the Joomlabamboo branding on the template?

Templates are not licensed to remove this link. You may upgrade your account to developer to remove the link, but for all basic memberships the link must stay.


Are you looking for designers to work at Joomlabamboo?

We are always on the look out for talented designers, coders and communicators. If you have a solid foundation in Joomla, html and css, a good command of English and want to work in a creative environment then email us with details of your experience and folio and we'll chat.


What hours is your business open?

Our official hours of business are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (Australian EST +10 GMT).  We do however have support people working in Europe, United States and Australia which enables us to respond to support requests very quickly. 

We generally answer all forum posts within 24 hours but sometimes this may be delayed during the weekend.


Where are you based?

Bamboo home base is in Melbourne Australia but we have designers and coders working across the globe.


Why Bamboo?

We chose the business name Joomlabamboo because of our interest in Chinese Medicine and Chinese Philosophy. While not coding the designs here at JB Anthony is actually a qualified acupuncturist in Melbourne Australia.

Bamboo in Chinese Medicine represents the wood element. The wood element in the 5 element cycle represents all things that are creative, flexible and can take on new directions. The wood element is in a sense a seed to the overall cycle and its from the impulse of wood that any developmental process can move through the 5 phases (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) to its ultimate fruition at the metal phase and then into dissolution in the water stage.

We liked the idea of providing templates that give you the creative impulse for a new site, a new design or something new for you to communicate.


Can I pay in a method other than paypal?

At the moment Paypal is the only method available for purchasing templates. You can also send a cheque to us, but your transaction will not complete until the cheque clears.


Do you give refunds?

Due to our business dealing entirely in electronic goods it is not possible for us to issue a refund once you have logged in. If you purchase a membership and our records show that you have not logged in after doing so then we will be happy to provide you with a refund.


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