Theme magic is a non-destructive real time preview tool for your T3 powered website.

Theme Magic makes it possible to create a multitude of theme presets and colour schemes by using a colour wheel or specific HEX values in order to manipulate pre-determined elements within the template.

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Zenbase is a vanilla / skeleton / blank / scaffold (or anything else you want to call it) Joomla 3 Template. It is a free Joomla 3 template that is an ideal starting point for your next project using Joomla 3 and T3.

Features and Download Live Preview

Please note: The Live preview of the Zen base theme features the Zentools module however the free quickstart package does not include this member only extension.

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Inspire is a versatile responsive Joomla template that combines dark textured / grungey backgrounds with sharp bevelled lines and an array of elegant typography. It is our second Joomla template compatible with Joomla 3 and built on the T3 template framework.

(If you missed the news about our move t

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Grid3 - A Joomla 3 template

I'm very happy to announce the availability of our first Joomla 3 Template release.

I've been wanting to do a third and responsive version of our popular Grid and Grid2 templates for soem time now and thought that the release of our first joomla3 template was a good time to do it.

Grid3 is a beautiful bootstrap and T3 powered (read about our recent change here) Joomla template which is the perfect companion for any artist, photographer or image based web site. Iyt has some incredible functionality built in courtesy of T3 and is fast, lightweight and responsive.

I'll be writing more in the coming days about our new workflow with working woth Joomla 3 and bootstrap but for now check out these important links below:

Live Demo Download Features

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Zen to the power of T3


After a lot of in depth analysis, soul searching and reading tea leaves, we have decided to move our Joomla template releases to the T3v3 framework.

This has not been an easy decision to make but we are confident that it is the right decision. A lot of people have been surprised about the change, so let me take you through the reasoning behind the decision.

So, What is the T3 framework?

The T3 framework is a Joomla template toolkit that provides a set of useful tools for creating Joomla templates. It is developed by Joomlart and released as an open source platform that anyone can use.

It is an installable plugin that is installed in addition to your Joomla template but essentially sits in the background providing some of the core functionality and features that ship as a part of the template's feature set.

Why move to the T3 framework?

1. T3 is where I wanted the Zen Grid Framework (ZGF) to be.
When I first looked at T3v3 (around 6 weeks ago) I was blown away by the maturity and functionality of the framework. After speaking to Hung from Joomlart I was further reassured that what I could see in the code and on the page matched the design philosophy that we were also pursuing with ZGF.

T3v3 is a complete rebuild of their framework with an emphasis on performance and responsive / mobile functionality. The templating system and core functionality has been completely stripped back, reworked and revisioned - almost making it a completely new template framework.

2. The same zen philosophy on a new and improved codebase.
One of the big factors for me was the fact that the T3 templating system is very similar to the ZGF layout override functionality. It's actually a lot simpler to use and makes customisation a lot more obvious to the developer minded - I'll be writing a tutorial on how to customise your Joomlabamboo T3 template in the next few days.

The template system is so flexible that we can more or less keep the existing markup from our current framework with the same module positions and naming convention which - with a little luck - will mean that upgrading your ZGF Joomla 1.5 / Joomla 2.5 template will be a relatively easy task.

For all intents and purposes, shifting to the T3 framework for the developers will not be a giant leap and I think the improved flexibility and accessibility will make up for any short fall in understanding the new workflow.

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This session is in addition to the talk I'll be giving about more general templating strategies during the conference program and will focus on getting into the nitty gritty of developing Joomla templates using our framework and other zen products.

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Collector is an all in one Social media collecting / streaming theme that can pool and display content from your favourite social media sources.

Live Preview Download Features

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This theme is classic bamboo. It features a delicate mix of clean lines, white space and subtle grungy textures. It's a responsive Joomla template built for a variety of uses.

FeaturesDownload Live Preview

A new Zen Grid Framework version ...


The template is built on v2.4.0 of the Zen Grid Framework which contains a stack of new features and optimisations. At the moment the other templates have not been updated to use this version of the framework so please only install 2.4 on sites using the Ecospirit template. All v2 themes (Except for Shop Ignition will be updated later today and tomorrow.)

The focus for this version has been around improved performance and so there have been a number of code optimisations that affect the front and the back end.

I've written a detailed list of what's in v2.4 and will flesh that out some more when I release the changelog after all of the other themes have been updated.

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Ascent is our October Joomla template release and the latest in our range of responsive Joomla templates.

It is a business oriented Joomla template that features a clean design which combines subtle background textures, elegant drop shadows and gradients with some eye popping colour combinations.

Some crucial links before we get into some of the detail

Ascent Features | Preview | Documentation | Download | Zenkit K2 Demo

Another responsive Joomla template to add to the mix ...


Ascent is our sixteenth responsive Joomla template and in all honesty probably one of the most enjoyable designs that I've coded in recent history. I think one of the reasons for this is that it's the first theme developed on one of the new Zen Building block starter templates.

If you missed the announcement last month about the building blocks they are basically a collection of Joomla template skeletons that are ideal precursors to commonly used patterns in web design and can really help to speed up the development time on Joomla projects.

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A few weeks ago we released the Zen Building Block templates and to compliment that set of starter Joomla templates I am releasing the Responsive Jomsocial template.

This theme for Jomsocial is much like our original Responsive template we built back in October last year. It's a no frills vanilla starter skeleton designed for Jomsocial developers to dig in to and get their hands dirty. The theme has a limited amount of styling so it will fit perfectly in to any Joomla template and it will scale to fit the limitations of your design - responsive or not.

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[I'm often surprised by how popular our simpler and more minimal Joomla templates are. Along with themes like corporate, lifestyle and the recent Highline I often see less complex themes like simpleshop, zen default and rasa featuring at the top of our download stats.

So this month rather than bringing you a single template release, we would like to introduce Zen Building Blocks. The Zen Building Blocks are a set of five responsive Joomla templates that are designed to be ideal starting points for your Joomla web projects.


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Responsive Jomsocial Template


I have wanted to create a Jomsocial template for such a long time that I feel like I have just ticked something off my bucket list. I'd be surprised if you didn't already know about Jomsocial but for those that don't - Jomsocial is the premier social networking extension for Joomla.

Building the demo site for the Highline Jomsocial Template was the first chance I've had to play with Jomsocial (at least for an extended amount of time) and I have to say that this is a really solid piece of software. While I recognise that not everyone needs a social app on their website, I can certainly see why this is the chosen extension among Joomla web site builders for creating social or community driven websites.

Did I mention it's responsive ...


The key point for the Highline Jomsocial template is that in keeping with all of our Joomla template releases since September last year - it is responsive. This means that with the help of the Highline template, the Jomsocial component will morph and scale according to the width of your users browser. This essentially means that within this one joomla template you get an elegant, minimal Jomsocial template that will work across any browser - large or small.

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