We have been a little quiet on the blog since the release of our last Joomla template, Zenhost, but that's mainly because we have had our collective heads down working on hard on some exciting new things.

First cab off the rank is V2 of our Zenkit templates - standalone, responsive templates for K2.

Zenkit is all grown up now and I'm happy to say it is even more flexible, with some nice new styling, layouts and functionality.

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So what's new?

Bootstrap ready.

Zenkit is of course now built with bootstrap which means it works very nicely with Joomla 3+ and our T3 templates.

No more template overrides

Zenkit v1 packages were shipped as a collection of template overrides that needed to be uploaded to your template's k2 overrides folder, while this was convenient in some cases it proved problematic for users who wanted to update to new versions of Zenkit. We have now moved the layouts out into the main K2 folder and given all the assets files their own file under media/zenkit. This means that we only have one set of code to keep track of now and means we can spend a lot more time putting fun stuff into new layouts - so expect to see a lot more layouts available in the near future.

A dedicated Zenkit installer

To make this decoupling from the template a lot easier, Zenkit now has it's own Joomla installer. No more unzipping and uploading - Zenkit now installs like any other Joomla extension - simple.

New layouts and more to come

  • Tiles - A masonry inspired template that comes with a number of different available stylies like pinterest, polaroid, simple, no margin and border.
  • Slideshow Overlay - A slight variation on the original flat slideshow.
  • Carousel - Turn your K2 Leading items into a carousel.

Font Icons

Look Mum - no images. I'm a massive fan of using font icons for icons and elements and so Zenkit ships without any images at all. This speeds up your site's performance and improves stylign flexibility.

A lite version is coming

We will be releasing a stripped down version of the full package for any non-members who might want to take Zenkit for a spin. I hope to release that package in the next few days. In the meantime please enjoy!

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