JoomlaBamboo News Oct 16


Hi Folks,

With the recent arrival of the new Joomla Bamboo team members and the change of ownership, we have all been very busy and below is a run through of some of the things we’re working on.

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It's the start of a new year and so I thought it was time for a fresh coat of paint.

Over the small amount of downtime over the christmas and new year period that I took, I decided to rework the Joomlabamboo blog. Some of you with a keen appreciation of such things will have noticed that we have been more or less radio silent on the blog for the last half of 2015.

There were a number of factors that lead to this - which I will go into in detail in another post - but I thought what better way to get over such a long period of inactivity than with a redesign and for added measure a redesign on a new platform.

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You have probably already seen in your Joomla 3+ installations that there is a new major version of Joomla available. Joomla 3.4 is the next major Joomla release and it contains a selection of improvements and feature additions - so should you click the update button?

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Last days for the redesign coupon

Over the last week we have been running a 30% coupon to celebrate our recent site redesign.

If you missed it, you have until Monday to take advantage of the coupon. To take 30% off your next subscription just use the coupon "redesign" at the Joomlabamboo checkout.


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I had originally meant to write this post in December in the spirit of my past efforts at the end of year wrap up. But some where between the intense heat we have been experiencing this summer in Australia and our time consuming redesign this post went awry.

So here is a list of things on the web at the moment that I find are invaluable when it comes to developing our Joomla templates.

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Cyber Monday Joomla Special


On Friday when I announced our Black Friday sale I mentioned that we would also be releasing an awesome new initiative for Cyber Monday with some of our other Joomla friends.

The Joomla site builder kit is a special collection of Joomla products and services that we think will be very helpful when you build your next Joomla site.

For $37, you get over $100 worth of value including:

  • A 3 month subscription to Joomlabamboo (normally worth $45) and access to 60+ Joomla templates.
  • A 12 month subscription to the sh404 SEO and SEF component from Anything Digital.
  • Plus one month access to OS Training and their incredible training videos, books and expert support from their friendly forum staff.

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Black Friday Special

[This year we have two very special deals for you for the start of the holiday season because we know how much you love them.

The first is a Black Friday special that will let you take 40% off any of our subscriptions when you use the coupon "blackfriday". This coupon will be available for the next 24 hours or so so you need to be quick if you want to grab this one.

Sign up and save

Also if you have signed up in the last few days let me know via the contact form and I will add the equivalent amount of time to your subscription - I hate to see folks missing out on deals.

Cyber Monday Joomla Site Builders Kit.


The other deal is a new initiative for us. We have teamed up with some good Joomla friends to create what we are calling the Site Builders Kit.

So on Monday Joomlabamboo, Anything Digital (makers of sh404) and Os Training are going to be offering a very special deal for Joomla site developers and builders alike. It's a bit of a taste test of all three of our services but I can't tell you much more than that at this stage.

Stay tune for the announcement on Monday.

UgMonk are doing it again.


Last year I mentioned that my favourite online T shirt supplier was doing the Black Friday thing and I'm excited to say that they are doing it again this year too all with a spanking new design. So you can get some beautiful type inspired T-shirts for 20% off and for each item purchase Ugmonk are giving three meals to the Rice Bowl charity. I'm off to get my yearly fill of t-shirts.



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It's been a while since we sent out a survey to our users, so in the spirit of taking stock as the year starts to draw to a close, I've just published the 5 minutes for 1 month survey.

We love receiving feedback from our users, so in exchange for five minutes of your time, we will add a month to your template subscription. Simple.

Once we have processed the survey we will automatically add the month to your subscription.

Take me to the survey

Please note that this offer apples to existing or previous members of the club. If your subscription has expired simply fill out the form and we will reinstate your accoutn with the bonus month's worth of access.

Thanks for helping us make Joomlabamboo better.

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And the winners are ...


A little over a week ago I announced that I was giving away two invites to Dribbble and I got a fantastic response.

It was tough making the choice ... So without further ado, the winners are ...

Updated. Looks like I was a little slow and both Alex and Florian have picked up invites already.

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As a show of solidarity for our brother and sister developers in the United States I've just released a coupon to help ease some of the pain and uncertainty of the US government shutdown.

If you use the coupon "noshutdown" you will get 35% off any of our subscriptions. The coupon will expire on Tuesday next week.

If you happened to subscribe this week - from Monday - I will add some extra time to your sub to make up for missing the coupon. Juset send me a contact email or create a ticket and I will adjust your account.

Psst ... if you are not in the United States you can use this coupon too.

Use coupon now

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If running a business has taught me anything, it's taught me that it's important to be flexible.

A few months ago I announced the retirement of the lifetime developer subscription and the start of a new 3 year developer option. In the time since then I've had numerous requests to reopen the lifetime sub and very little interest in the 3 year plan.

As I mentioned, running a business has taught me to be flexible and open to change, so in response to this "new life lesson" I am announcing the resurrection of the lifetime subscription.

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Two Dribbble invitations


I have a Dribbble invitation to give away to two lucky designers.

If you are new to Dribbble it's an invitation only social site for designers. Dribbble is an awesome resource for seeking design inspiration and also sharing your latest masterpiece.

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