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In addition to the blog redesign that I just announced, I have also tweaked the email sent from our forum and ticket system. It's been a long while in coming but I am happy to say that the emails you get from the forum and ticket system from now on will be lot easier on the eyes. Check the before and after shots below.

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Koken new photography cms

I love the installer on this new photography focussed cms - Koken.me. It's dark and very beautiful.





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Design Inspiration - Energy Trust

[I was pretty much over parallax even before it started. Don't get me wrong. I think it's smart and impressive but in a lot of respects I think it's unnecessary.

This Energy Trust site however is a great example of parallax / scrolling / whatever you want to call it.

Each slide makes sense and the transitions from left to right are integral to the content of the site. I think this is a great implementation of this style of design but please let this be the last.


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Design Inspiration - Manos

[I love the Cory Webb Media rebrand and redesign - awesome work folks!


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Mademoiselle Dimanche