This weekend, we are releasing updates for 6 Joomla templates and 4 Joomla extensions for Joomla 3.8.6 support and bug fixes.

6 Joomla templates of Build.r

  • JB JB Ascent2 Template
  • JB Build.R Template
  • JB Grid4 Template
  • JB JB NewsTream2 Template
  • JB JB CorporationTemplate
  • JB JB MedicaTemplate

4 Joomla Joomlabamboo modules:

  • JB Zentool2 module
  • JB Zentool module
  • JB Zen menu module
  • JB Shortcode plugin

Release Details:

JB Build.r Template version 1.3.6

-Should check sticky module when add sticky function -Contact Us: Can't disable contact information -Contact Us: The Links displays the wrong format -Change data variables to zen_layout, it's duplicate with default name of joomla -Problem with prev and next buttons -Warning error on pagination -Print page need more styled -Can not disable sticky menu on mobile -Base4: Remove social icons -Base4: Can not see text on menu -Some errors on Edit article page -Problem with dropdown in edit module page -Article: Can't show custom field after title -support visible, hidden class -Write style: Submenu shows too blur when hovering on it -Bootstrap2: Got CSS error -The menu is wrong font -Footer menu: Menu should be highlighted when it's activate


JB Medica Template version v1.1.0

-Can't see next and preview buttons -Problem with title on search page -The submenu should be highlighted when it is activated -Many bugs on edit article page -Got CSS error on Edit module page -Problem with Smart Search page -Search form display error on IPhone -Problem with footer module -CSS error on category-4 columns page -Page counter displays not nice on list contacts page -Missing Search and Clean buttons on Tag page -Pager displays error on bootstrap2 -Pager displays error on bootstrap3


JB Ascent2 Template version v1.0.2

-IPhone : Logo display error on Onepage -Missing Search and Clean buttons on Tag page -Backtotop button doesn't work -Can't hide contact information -Onepage: Menu is not highlighted when scrolldown page -Onepage: "we make stuff" module is broken -Onepage: CSS error with open panel -Got CSS errors on Edit module page -Submenu is not highlighted when it's activated -Can't show custom field on Category page -Tooltip display the wrong position -Secret key displays not nice on login form -Captcha displays error on contact page -Edit article page need more styled -fix bug fontawesome on edit modules


JB Newstream2 Template version v1.0.3

-Got css error on search result page -Got css error on register page -Change link color on login form -Our social network module displays error on homepage -Realign search module on homepage -Got css error on contact page -Readmore link displays ugly on article page -Got some css error on edit article page -Home page displays ugly on iphone -Menu dropdown trigger displays incorrectly -Got scrollbar when view homepage on iphone


JB Corporation Template version v1.0.1

-Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8.6 -Link logo not back to Home -Restyle for Next & Previous button -CSS error on footer on two right sidebars -Style on Bootstrap2 is different from Demo -CSS error on Bootstrap3 test Page, other Contact page, List contact -Typography: some CSS errors -Category / Feature Page: restyle for icons -Edit Article: doesn't show Captcha & Custom field and some CSS errors -Get error on Title in Search Result -Smart Search can't click to Close Advanced part -Contact Page doesn't show Custom Fields -Add invalid style for Contact form -Backend: Get JS error when click to Sticky Footer -Iphone: Offcanvas show different style after scroll down -CSS error on icon print -iPhone portrait: CSS error on Login part -Style of Readmore button not nice


JB Zen Menu module version v1.2.1

-Missing zenmenu plugin in the quickstart pkg

JB Zentools module version v1.14.2

-Fix to compatible with PHP 7 -Restyle title on corporate template

JB Zentools2 module version v2.3.9

-Filter Layout: Layout not nice -Layout Caption: Style doesn't work as demo -Ticker: doesn't show the Arrow -Got error on Zentool2 module with leading layout -Joomla source: missing custom field -Filter type: layout broken when show all

JB Zen shortcodes Plugin version v1.7.3

-Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8.6 -Adding effects classes doesn't work properly with spinner -Adding effects and using additional classes doesn't work properly -Anchor icon not display -Got error displaying in zen shortcodes plugin

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