Aussie Template Release


We’ve released our latest template Aussie, a vibrant colourful theme that pays tribute to Joomla Bamboo’s roots, even down to the Kangaroo.

Aussie as a child theme of the Build.r template is powerful, flexible and fast. Build.r offers the ability to build practically any kind of layout/design and Aussie is the 7th child theme built with Build.r.

Aussie as a child theme utilises the Build.r core with the addition of a new stylesheet and javascript file. Once Aussie is saved in the template admin the new styles and javascript are created.

We really hope you enjoy this blast of Australian colour and style.

Zentools2 Slideshow


Aussie makes striking use of the Zentools2 backstretch slideshow in the banner position with the Zentools2 grid sitting on top. You can control the height of the slideshow, the images that appear here and lots of other display elements.

Zentools2 Grid


One key design element featured in many of the Build.r templates has been the use of a striking 9 image grid. The grid used in the Aussie templates comes from our powerful Zentools2 module which offers a range of caption effects, styles, overlays and behaviours.

Zentools2 Carousel


In the grid5 module is the Zentools2 carousel showing some of the wildlife and sights of Melbourne and Sydney. The module utilises the boxed layout but as with any Zentools2 there are different layouts, settings and options to work with.

The next template release

The next template will be called Italian, which is a restaurant based theme - as always any feedback on the above or anything JoomlaBamboo is much appreciated.


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