To end the year off on a bright note the December Joomla template release is going to be a very colourful number. The Colour Shift theme - or Shift as a working title - has been on the drawing board since September 2010.

It's one of those designs that I have toyed with off on and on over the last 12 or so months - just waiting and hoping something might come of it. Thankfully though I managed to find some time recently to refine it and the screenshots below show the end result.

We are aiming to get this one out the door by December 31st so please keep an eye out during the end of year break (if you are taking one) for the release.

January Joomla Template

The January template is also underway and I'm happy to announce that David Vuu is putting his masterful fingers on the mouse again for us. If you missed Ecolift, Powerplay, Avanti, Hub, Shop Ignition, Inside Out, Pixel 8, Cultivate and Newstream - they were all initiated for us by David (we just had to fill in the blanks). Judging by his past work I think we will be in for something special for January.

Screenshots of the Shift theme


Some interesting module headings


The K2 blog view


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