Well after a considerable delay, I'm very happy to announce the availability of the November template.

But it's December?

I described in the Bamboo state of the union post some of the reasons for the delay in the release of this theme and I hope to be able to elaborate some more next week once we clear the decks of some other outstanding things on the todo list.

Subscription expired in between now and November 1st?

If your subscription expired in between the 1st of November and the 22nd December then you are entitled to a copy of this template. Please make contact with us via the contact form and we will give you the files for this Joomla template.

Download, documentation and demo

In the meantime if you are a member already go on over and download Platform. And if you haven't seen it yet - check out the Platform demo site. For the run down on how to use Platform please ensure you read the Platform documentation.


Platform is a responsive Joomla template that features the new zentools module, that in the case that you missed the announcement, is a mult-tasking responsive module for for Joomla that is capable of creating some simply amazing galleries, slider, carousels, slideshows and more.


You can see a selection of screenshots below that highlight the way that this theme will morph / respond to your screensize.

{loadposition platform}

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