Up until now our primary mode of social networking has been via twitter and a variety of automated rss feeds. Over the last month though I have started putting more energy into two new streams - Dribbble and Facebook.



I was really excited when I received my Dribbble invite from Juan Arreguin and while I haven't taken many shots of our Joomla template work yet I can really see the potential.

If you are new to Dribbble it's essentially a social networking platform for designers where they can share shots, rebounds and feedback on design concepts.

In fact at first, the 400 by 300px limitation for each shot seemed unnecessarily restrictive but after uploading a few shots I realised the benefit of having to focus on such a small area of the design. It's easy to lose site of the detail when designing on a large canvas, so forcing myself to take Dribbble sized snapshots of a work in progress really helps to flesh out the detail of a design.

Two Dribbble Invites ...

Part of the allure of Dribbble is that it's invitation only and you can only join if you are drafted ... And it just so happens that I have two invitations available, so if you are a brilliant designer with some mad skills, drop a link to your folio in the comments and I will announce the recipients early next week.

Learning to like Facebook ...


I must confess that I feel like a bit of a grandpa when it comes to using Facebook. If you look at our facebook profile page you can probably already tell that. I've always had an issue with UI and while some recent improvements make it less confusing it still leaves a lot to be desired.

However given it's popularity and that alot of our users use Facebook, I created the Joomlabamboo Facebook page which at the moment is really just a stream from the JB Activity twitter stream. Over the next few weeks and months I will be dropping other club related information on there so you can keep in touch with what's happening but for now it's a simple way to stay connected with template and extension releases and any other developments.

Keeping in touch ...

So now if you want to follow the Joomlabamboo activity, keep up to date with extension and template releases as well as check out snippets of upcoming work you can choose a method that best suits you.

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