I'm happy to announce the availability of the Sidewinder template. Sidewinder is built on the latest T3 framework (T3bs3) which (among other things) features an awesome new off canvas menu with 14 beautiful effects.

Sidewinder is a side aligned folio theme with masonry (flexible jig saw) layouts baked right into the Joomla category and featured views. It also sports full support for our flexible responsive module called Zentools and our responsive templates for K2 called Zenkit.


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What's new in T3BS3.

A week or so ago the second major installment of T3 v3 was released and it comes with a number of new features and improvements.

Bootstrap v3

One of the big additions is the support for Bootstrap v3. You may have seen Bootstrap v3 already and wondered how or when it might be able to be integrated into Joomla. Joomla 3 is not likely to see a native implementation of Bootstrap v3 so in order to take advatage of the new Bootstrap 3 features T3 has added an optional compatibility layer which loads additional support for bootstrap v2 markup.

A new off canvas menu

The offcanvas menu as you can see on the Sidewinder demo has been reworked and is now a lot easier to implement. The menu itself can be used in the same modular way that T3 handles all of it's layout blocks, so it means it's relatively simple to move the menu around the page. The off canvas menu also comes with 14 different menu styles using css3 based animations.

screenshot 1003

Better logic for the main body layout

This is something you are not likely to see unless you are building a theme with T3 but the logic for rendering the main body is now a lot cleaner and easier to work with. There is no longer any reliance on javascript to render the various widths across the page. This has mostly been helped by the new scaffolding classes in Bootstrap v3, but the result is that the mainbody layotus for T3 are now a lot more readable.

A new admin scheme

The T3BS3 admin has gone flat. The T3 admin interface also uses Bootstrap v3 and with it comes some new flat design elements plus some nifty little sliding radio buttons. In addition to this you now get a useful progress bar to let you now the progress of any related page loads or less compiling functions.

t3 BS 3

And so much more ...

For a full run down you can check the changelog details over at the T3 Github page.

A small hitch

As a result of some of the new features added to T3 there are some changes required for our templates to make it possible for them to take advantage of these new features. We will start to release updates for our T3 themes so in the meantime unless you are using the Sidewinder template it is advised to hold off on the update just yet.

We were late this month

As a reminder of our late policy, if your subscription expired in between the first of the month and the 18th, please send us a contact email and we will update your account for you so you can get access to the Sidewinder files.


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