After the re-release of the Vision Joomla template last week I thought I would take another stroll down memory lane and update the MaxBiz template. We originally released MaxBiz in the middle of 2008 and while it was a pretty straight forward theme with relatively limited functionality and colour schemes it proved to be quite a popular choice for folks looking for a versatile Joomla Business template.

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Elegant and understated


MaxBiz2 retains the simple elegance of the original design but adds a lot more control over the layout and visual styling. While I'd still class this design as somewhat of a starter theme (like our Zen Building Block series) there is a lot more that can be done with this theme straight out of the box. It's midway between a skeleton and one of our full releases so I think it will suit those of you looking for a Joomla template with a bit of class but is not visually overwhelming.

Theme Magic really is pretty awesome


The colour schemes in the MaxBiz2 template are easily controlled via the Theme Magic control panel. Theme Magic lets you easily set the key (primary and secondary) colours and depending on how creative you are feeling you can go on to specify the colours for links, dropdown menus, sidebar, footer colours etc. This is all done via the T3 Theme Magic panel which I must say (in comination with LESS) has absolutely changed the way that we create our themes.

As you can see in the screenshiot above we have marked out some of the key design areas of the theme and made them available in the Theme Magic panel.

Mega Menu with animations


As you can see on the MaxBiz2 demo, the dropdown and mega menus in T3 now come with some stellar css and jQuery animations on the dropdown menu. You can now specify fade, zoom, slide and elastic transitions for the drop down effect. Please note though - these effects aren't in use if you use the click to activate method for the dropdown or mega menus.

What's next on the list?

It's my hope that I'll have a Joomla 3 version of the Sidetrack and Fullscreen templates either tomorrow or by Wednesday. Then we will start moving through our more recent popular releases. The themes that are getting requested the most at the moment are Lifestyle, Corporate and COlourshift so we should see Joomla 3 versions of those templates very shortly. In the meantime please enjoy the MaxBiz2 Joomla template.

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