Vintage is our new tumblr inspired Joomla template that features multiple colour schemes a simple tagging system for your content and an elegantly executed responsive design.

Vintage is aimed at those users that want a simple blog style template to showcase their ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Consider it your online Joomla notebook - ready to record your every thought.

Some links ...

Before we get started here are some crucial links for you to check out the Vintage template.

Live Demo | Features | Documentation | Downloads

Don't worry - it's flexible ...

The Vintage demo site shows a simple one column layout with site links, search and other modules you would normally see in the side bar, hidden in the hidden panel . But if that isn't quite your cup of tea, since this theme is built on the flexible zen grid framework you can have a more traditional two, three or four column layout.

A tonne of colour themes and variations under the bonnet ...

Vintage comes with some flexible options including 5 background variations, eight Colour highlights and eight different tag Colour schemes. The tags are automatically populated in the k2 Joomla template and you can also use them across module classes on the page. There are ten different tag module classes available. The images are delivered on the page using a sprite which means you can load as many of the Mage based module classes n the page without worrying about excess htt requests or an increased page weight.

{loadposition vintage}

Did I mention it's responsive?

Vintage is our seventh responsive Joomla Template and as you can see in the images below, it morphs and changes according to the width of the browser that you are viewing it in.

We like this approach to creating mobile ready Joomla templates because it means your site has an elegantly executed mobile design but you don't have to do any ectra work.

iPad Portrait

Vintage in iPad portrait

iPad Landscape

Vintage template in ipad Landscape

iPhone Landscape


iPhone Portrait


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