One of the complexities joys of operating an international business is keeping tabs on the cross border currency conversion and conversion rate costs. Last year we moved to selling our services in Australian dollars in order to ensure we could keep our subscription costs low - Paypal charges some pretty crazy currency conversion rates and takes a less than optimistic view of what currency is worth at any given time - so it made sense to take one of those variables out of the picture and start chargin in our native currency.

Inside the bubble ...


For the last 12 months or so the Australian dollar has been at or above parity with the US dollar which meant that the US dollar equivalent price for our subscriptions was slightly higher than the Australian dollar price mentioned on our subscription page.

Not quite burst ...

All of that has changed though in the last few weeks and the Australian dollar has fallen to around 0.92 USD. The end result of this is that our plans are now significantly lower for those purchasing in USD. In fact the Lifetime developer sub is close to $50 cheaper in USD because of the fall in the AUD.

Subscription prices like it's 2011 ...

Here is how the change breaks down - with around 10% (give or take) improvement across all plans for folks not buy in AUD.

**Plan** **Plan cost (AUD)** **Previous USD cost** **Current USD cost**
**3 Month** $45 $45 $41
**12 Month** $85 $87 $77
**6 Month Developer** $145 $149 $132
**12 Month Developer** $225 $229 $206
**Lifetime Developer** $495 $499 $453
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