While I can't listen to Mouse on Mars everyday there are some days that they hit the spot just nicely. I generally post soothing, inspiring or somewhat moody music in the Music to Design to series but Mouse on Mars don't always fit in that box.

The tracks below are a bit of a mix of their repertoire - from noisy gritty, to almost dub-like house with some more low tempo wandering electronica. It's not really something you want to listen to while trying to perform anything that involves higher brain functions like filling out your tax return or operating the dvd player, but on the off chance you are in the mood for some noodling, semi-abrasive, and gritty electronica check out the clips below.

I love watching outfits like this perform stuff live as well - they look like they are having soo much fun.

Mouse on Mars - Chromantic

Mouse on Mars - Twift Live

Mouse on Mars - Schnick Schnack Meltmade

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