Ive spoken in the past about the power of twitter for helping to connect members of the Joomla community and today's post is a guest posting from K2Joom's Simon Wells - someone I met on Twitter. Simon is what's probably best described as a Joomla and K2 fanatic and so it's no wonder that he created his K2Joom site to showcase the power of K2 as a content construction component for Joomla. I recently asked him to list his ten favourite things about K2 (via twitter) and here is his response.

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We are a big fan of the Extended menu module and use it to generate both the panel and superfish menus you can see on our templates. We recently found a bug that basically adds the menu title alias to the home menu which results in a url like this - when you click on the home menu item.

Understandably this leads to both seo and general usability issues so you will be happy to know that we have an update for the Extended Menu that we have called Extended Menu v1.0.6 (Fixed).

You can download it from this link.

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