More Font Icons for JB Type


Just a quick not to let you know that v1.9.0 of JB Type has just been released with the addition of 58 new (and very useful icons). You can view the new icons on the Font Awesome page or check out the icons and their new code on the JB Type plugin page.

JB Type now provides the Font Awesome library to our templates

We are also in the process of rolling out new releases for our existing T3 based templates that removes the Font Awesome library.

There are a number of reasons for this and to avoid any potential conflicts we feel that it is better to maintain a single library for the font icons that are featured in our themes. This of course makes it easier for our users to update when new icons are added to the library.

So if you are using a template that is already compatible with T3 v1.2.5+ all you need to do is update to the latets version of JB Type and you will all set to go.


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