How Zen Grid Framework 5 and buildr work requires a couple of extra steps when duplicating an existing template style.

This tutorial runs through the steps needed (there are quite a few but it is an easy process). Before starting please make a backup of the site.

1 In the template style you want to duplicate go to the layout tab of the template settings and save the existing layout, making sure to save using a unique name preferably a single word. Close this template style.

save layout

2 In template manager select the style you want to duplicate and click the duplicate button.

Duplicate template style

3 Open the duplicate template version and save without making any changes - this will create a template config json file unique to this template id number. Close the template style.

4 Make a note of the two unique template ids, both the duplicate and the original.

Template style id numbers

5 Via ftp or your cpanel navigate to \templates\buildr\settings.

Navigate to settings folder

6 Open the config folder and download a copy of the json file that matches the id of the original template style (config-74.json in this example).

Selected template style

7 After downloading rename the the json file to match the id of the duplicate (config-83.json in this case).

config folder

8 Upload the renamed json file (config-83.json) overwriting the previous file version.

9 In template manager open the duplicate template style and load the previously saved layout.

Selected template style

10 You should now have a fully duplicated new style.

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