The welcome to the front-page text is what's known as the page title. The page title is an option that is attached to the menu item that you have just clicked on. So if you are visiting the site for the first time this menu item is the default menu item and in the default Joomla installation it is a menu item using a front page menu type.

To change the text simply navigate in your Joomla administrator to the menu manager and click on the menu item that you wish to edit.


From here you will see the details regarding the menu item and on the right the accordion that contains the different parameters that relate to that particular menu item e.g. Parameters (basic), Parameters (advanced), Parameters (system) and parameters (component).


The welcome to the front page welcome text is located under the parameters [system] accordion. You can choose to change the text that appears there all deselect it completely by setting the show page title to no.

You can apply this to any of the menu items that you use on your site tweaking and changing the text that appears above the content that you are displaying on the page.

This is the same technique that should be used to change the "Harmonise mind, body and soul" text used on our March 09 joomla template Elevate.

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