As a step towards making the T3 framework a non-club specific Joomla template framework the T3 framework has been moved to it's very own domain.

The T3 Framework site will under go a bit of transformation in the next few months as we start to flesh out new documentation for site builders and developers, and start to share what is possible with this framework.

Moving towards an independent framework.


New name spaces.

The Joomlart team have also been working over time in making T3 a truly independant project and so in the next major release - v1.1 - all previously namespaced markup using the Ja- prefix will be removed.

A new Git Hub repo

All of the code for T3 can be found at the main T3 git repo over at Git Hub. If you spot a bug or have an idea for an improvement feel free to post an issue or if you have a fix submit a pull request. You can grab the latest packages for T3 via the tags page where currently the t3 v1.1 RC is available - replete with the awesome Mega Menu.

Joomlabamboo T3 template documentation.


As part of our adoption to using T3 we moved some of the core functionality and effects that used to sit inside the Zen Grid Framework into the template.

You can still use the sticky nav, lazyload and the back to top button, google fonts in your template.

I've just posted a full rundown of these additions on our knowledgebase.

Two new developers move to T3.

After our announcement a few weeks ago there are two new developers that have made the jump to using T3 as their core template framework. Both Bang2Joom and Themerox have started using T3 for their template development.

Discussion about moving to T3.

It's been interesting to follow the discussion around our move to T3 both here and on the Joomlart blog.

As an overview I'd like to recap on some of the key points.

T3v3 is not T3v2.

If you were a user of T3v2 and moved away from it then I would recommend taking a look at T3v3. T3v3 is a complete rewrite with a different philosophical approach. It's geared towards speed, mobile support and a user friendly interface. There are still a few things that need to be worked out around this, but this is the direction it's heading in.

I see T3v3 more like Zen Grid v3.

I really wanted the third iteration of our Zen Grid Framework to focus more on visual feedback for end users, while keeping the template system open and easy for developers to create their own templates. As I mentioned in the Zen to the power of T3 blog post, Theme Magic, the layout interface and the templating system in T3v3 does this.

Multiple template frameworks is a good thing for Joomla.

I think it makes sense for there to be multiple template frameworks in the Joomla template ecosystem. There are some good points made on the Joomlart blog post about competition leading to innovation and I completely agree. Our move to T3 was more about the timing of an impending J3 and Zen v3 rewrite and so it made sense for us to join forces on T3 development. If I felt that T3 was headed in a different direction to the one in which I wanted to steer Joomlabamboo, then I would not have made the jump.

Our templates will continue to be different ...

The beauty of T3v3 is that it's very easy to build on top of - that's what a framework should be right?

We will continue to push the boundaries of Joomla template design with our creative, elegant and minimal approach. In addition to this, most of the features of the Zen Grid Framework can still be found in our T3 based templates.

Zen Base - a free T3 Joomla 3.0 template is coming


Our first free Joomla 3.0 template will be officially released in the next few days. We will be hosting the download here on our site and also make the Git repo for Zen Base available for anyone who likes to live at the bleeding edge. We will post the demo for Zen Base very soon.


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