There is quite a bit of energy starting to gather in the [Joomla UX group]( over on the Joomla Community site with some new initiatives being taken regarding improving the Joomla administrator interface. A few key developers are looking at pooling resources and brainpower and putting together a new and improved user interface for Joomla 1.7 and beyond. Chris Rault from [Prothemer]( has posted a really [detailed concept for where to start on the admin]( and there are a few open calls for feedback and ideas from the community regarding what they would like to see in future iterations of the Joomla admin. This is a pretty exciting time in terms of contributing to what the Joomla administrator should look and feel like. For those developers and users that work with Joomla on a daily basis you know what works and what doesn't so it would be awesome if you were able to post your suggestions on what you would like to see in future versions of the interface. Usability really needs to come from the users in my opinion and while developers work intimately with the admin, I think the direction needs to be shaped by those who use the admin at an end user level as well as those who teach end users how to use Joomla. So lets use this an opportunity to get the discussion going and the ball rolling on helping to make Joomla better for all of us.
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