Free ticket to Melbourne Joomladay


I'm quite excited about this event given that I'll get the chance to meet Brian Teeman and Peter van Westen in the flesh.

Skype is certainly a great tool for building friendship with people in distant parts of the world, but nothing beats sitting down and sharing a quiet brew or two, to really get to know someone - especially if that's on a ridiculously hot Melbourne January day.

More international talent ...

Fellow Joomla template creator Bui Huy Thang from Joomlashine will also be giving an indepth session about making the Joomla administrator a better place. Bui was a key player in the Joomla 3.0 UX design team so that will certainly be a must see presentation.

And some local stars ...

In addition to our international guests, the conference will be holding sessions with local stars Norm Douglas (jInfinity), Shane Bartlett (Joomla cofounder), Peter Bui (PBWebdev) and yours truly to name a few.

You can read all of the details about the workshop and session lineup on the Melbourne Joomladay website.

Zen and the art of Joomla templates


I'll be giving a seminar as a part of the pre-event workshop line up and will also be speaking at the main event as well. I'll post some more on the topics that I'll be covering in the next week or so but in the meantime I'll tease you with the title - Zen and the art of Joomla template developement. As you would expect I'll be covering the ins and outs of using the Zen Grid Framework, Zentools and Zenkit to build rock solid, responsive and elegant Joomla sites.

I'll post the details and a booking form for the session in the next few days.

Free ticket to Melbourne Joomladay

As a sponsor I also have the honour of being able to give away some free tickets.

So if you would like to attend the Melbourne Joomladay please let me know in the comments the answer to this question - Why Joomla? Why now?

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