Avatar Competition - Take 2


Last year we had a little bit of end of financial year fun and gave away some free memberships to users who had the "best" avatar (as judged by our esteemed voting panel). This year I thought I would up the ante somewhat and give away developer memberships as prizes (worth $195 USD) for the best avatar.

Current, previous and free subscribers can enter the competition. You basically just need to update your profile with a new avatar of yourself that is either ...

  • fun
  • funny
  • interesting
  • strange
  • or all of the above.

The avatar must also be of yourself and not one that is currently used in your profile.

Once again our panel of experts will judge the winner/s and they will be announced on the 30th June, 2011 Australian time - so make sure that you get your avatar in well before then.

If you want to enter the competition simply add a comment to this post and add your image as well as your username and we will do the rest.

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