Since the release of the Avanti Joomla template way back in January 2010, we have packaged an individually styled k2 template for each template released. In most cases re-using those k2 templates in other templates was a tricky process and success varied depending on your ability to read code. Zenkit is set to change all of that by providing a selection of standalone k2 templates that can be used in any Joomla template and easily transferred between templates.

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A collection of responsive K2 templates ...

The Zenkit templates make it easy to create complex and interesting layouts from your existing K2 content using the core K2 functionality. Using the Zenkit templates means that there is no longer any need to resort to using modules in your content when you really could just use a K2 category layout.

The layouts available include:

The templates are designed to drop right in to your existing Joomla template so you should be able to use them across any of your current joomla templates regardless of whether it's one that we have created or even if you are using k2 already.

Coming Soon ...

Detailed documentation will be published over the next day, but for now please ensure you read the installation instructions as this is not an installable package. I'll be blogging some more in the next few days about some of the key elements in the Zenkit package so keep an eye for that if you'd like to learn more.

We are pretty excited abut this release and are pretty certain that if you are a k2 user then you will be too.

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