This weekend, We are releasing updates for 6 Joomlabamboo Joomla templates and 2 extensions for bug fixes and Joomla 3.8.6 compatibility.

6 Joomla templates of Build.r

  • JB Ecolife Template
  • JB New Lifestyle Template
  • JB Xero Template
  • JB Rasa2 Template
  • JB Base3 Template
  • JB Client Template

2 Joomla Extension updated:

  • JB Zentool Module
  • JB Zentool 2 Module

Release Details:

JB Ecolife Template version v1.3.3

  • Get error on Search Result
  • Restyle for Login Popup
  • CSS error on Remind/Reset page with Captcha
  • CSS error on Register Page
  • Contact form doesn't show custom field
  • Get Error on Select field/ on custom field of Edit Profile Page
  • Missing Captchar & Custom Field Tab in Edit Article Page
  • CSS error on Edit article page/ Edit Module page / Category list page
  • Homepage: CSS error after Login
  • Smart Search can't click to Close Advanded part
  • Logo unclickable
  • iPhone Landscape: CSS error on Typo page / Tab of Themes Page
  • iPhone portrait: CSS error on Edit Profile Page / Contact Page
  • iPhone Portrait: Register Page: Label in wrong position
  • iPhone portrait: CSS error on Bootstrap3 test Page / Bootstrap2 test Page
  • Iphone Portrait: remove the line in module sidebar
  • iPhone: missing active for Menu
  • iPhone: Restyle for Label in Contact Form


JB New Lifestyle Template version v2.0.7

  • Hikashop product list problem
  • Hikashop: Intro image displays error on 2/3 column layout
  • Remove unnecessary line on FAQ page
  • T3: Can't skip component content
  • Menu should be highlighted when the submenu is activated
  • Support fontawesome and upgrade T3 latest version
  • Need more space between tags
  • Hikashop: Icon and text should be shown middle
  • Hikashop: Minor bug on Address information form
  • Can't see menu caption text
  • Register form is not styled
  • Can't show Custom field in category page
  • Zentools: CSS error with Carousel type
  • Got some CSS errors on edit profile page
  • Edit article page is not styled
  • Iphone: Got CSS error with Accordion module
  • Edit module page is not styled
  • Iphone/Ipad: Missing control buttons on Zentools slideshow page
  • Hikashop: Missing button's color
  • Style tag K2 not nice
  • Missing bullet on features product
  • Navigation: Missing active style
  • Email form is not style


JB Base 3 v1.0.4

  • Search page need more styled
  • Zentools: CSS error wiith Carousel type
  • Can't skip component content
  • Megamenu displays error after input caption
  • Redirection to blank page when click on logo.
  • Textbox displays error on Contact form
  • Nomal bugs on Category list page
  • Add more space between tags
  • Some CSS errors on Smartsearch page
  • Iphone: Tabs are overlapping
  • Collapse menu displays error
  • Zentools: Problem with Grid type
  • Zentools: Filter type page is broken
  • List contact page need more styled


JB Xero Template version v1.4.1

  • Got css error on login module and login page
  • Got css error on profile page
  • Missing menu icon when view bootstrap2 page
  • Got some css error on edit article page
  • Missing custom field tab on edit article page
  • Cant show recaptcha on edit article page
  • Cant see edit module icon when hover it
  • Cant see edit module icon when hover it
  • Hard to see social icons when scrolldown on iphone
  • [Iphone] Send email button is overlapped when enable recaptcha
  • Login form displays error on offcanvas
  • Menu animation seems not working property
  • Got css error on zentools filter page at the first load
  • Got css error on contact page when view on iphone
  • Cant show custom field on category page
  • Shouldnt auto expand advanced search, only show when click advanced search button
  • Tag filter displays error


JB Client Template version v1.0.2

  • Update to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • Typography: missing close button
  • Restyle for Contact Page
  • No active state for Parent Menu
  • CSS error on Right Side bar Page
  • Icon overlay on Two right sidebars
  • Zentool slideshow: missing folder
  • Font color too blur on Login Part
  • Register: some fields have different style
  • Two right sidebars: appear back to top icon in Offcanvas
  • Edit article: Button in wrong position
  • CSS error on Edit Module page / Edit profile
  • Search part: CSS error when hover after Login
  • Logo must link to Homepage
  • CSS error on Message & Warning notice
  • Can't Edit Module in Homepage
  • News page: content overlap
  • Offcanvas: double narrows
  • Module classes: CSS error on Menu
  • iPhone portrait: Content part is too small
  • iphone Landscape: Get error on Contact Page
  • iPhone Portrait: Re-arrange for button Login page
  • iPhone Portrait: CSS error on 2 right sidebar / Contact Page


JB Rasa2 Template version v1.3.7

  • Cart text is dropdown
  • Realign fields on registration page
  • Tooltip is displaying error when hover on label contact page
  • Got css error on profile page
  • Should restyle edit user profile page
  • Got some errors on edit article page
  • Cant show custom field on category page
  • Got css error on typography page
  • Got css error zentools-accordion and carousel page
  • Got warning error on hikashop page
  • Readmore button displays error on 3 columns page
  • Missing search and clear icons on tagged item page
  • Shouldnt auto expand advanced search, only show when click advanced search button
  • Text on login module should be changed color
  • Missing style on proceed to checkout button
  • [Hikashop] Realign add coupon code button on checkout page
  • [Hikashop] Shop category displays ugly
  • [Hikashop] Missing style on control panel page
  • Missing search icon on menu bar
  • Menu displays error on iphone
  • Got css error on bootstrap2 and bootstrap3 page when view on iphone
  • [Hikashop] Cant show image popup on iphone
  • [Hikashop] Checkout page displays error on iphone
  • Missing custom field tab on edit article page


JB Zentool module version v1.14.4

  • Source Content: Get code error
  • Grid Layout: one Element leftover without name on it
  • Joomla category source: Get code error
  • Category source: Get code error when open Lighbox
  • Source K2: get code error
  • K2 Source: get error when show extra fields
  • Joomla categories source: Get code error when enable Filter
  • Joomla categories source: Doesn't distinguish post of other Language right
  • Backend: Match tab with source type
  • Grid Layout: get code error when enable Filter
  • Zentools JS errors in Filter menu

JB Zentool 2 module version v2.4.0

  • Slideshow: error style on some themes
  • Error when using content from EasyBlog
  • Fix equal height js. set equal height for zt-col class
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