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This weekend, we are releasing updates for JB Italian, JB Corporate Joomla template and Zengrid Framework v5 for Joomla 3.8.5 support and bug fixes.

Release Details:

JB Italian version 1.3.4*

  • Updated for Joomla 3.8.5
  • Updated for PHP 7.2
  • Cant change module position on design setting
  • Got css error when using toggle menu type
  • Menu alignment works incorrectly
  • Got css error when enable dev mode
  • Menu is not highlighted when it's actived
  • People talk module displays error on iphone
  • Top bar displays ugly on iphone
  • Missing image on homepage
  • Got css error on bootstrap3 page
  • Got error on some components
  • Cant show user article and custom field on contact page
  • Should restyle forgot username/password page
  • Cant edit module on the frontend
  • Missing icon font on editor
  • Got css error on edit article page

JB Corporate version 3.1.0*

  • Updated for Joomla 3.8.5
  • Updated for PHP 7.2
  • Got Deprecated error after installing quickstart pkg
  • Got Error decoding JSON data when upgrade joomla 3.6.5
  • Content history and Ajax Interface component doesnt work anymore
  • Change facebook icon
  • Homepage: make texts on Tabs to center
  • Homepage: Restyle for Title
  • Homepage: Restyle for button Login
  • Homepage: Restyle for Login Popup
  • Register Page: style not nice
  • Restyle for Reset Page
  • Restyle for Remind Page
  • Restyle for Email
  • Restyle for tooltip
  • Restyle for Content detail
  • Too much space on News Page
  • Restyle for Edit article form
  • Restyle for bottom in Login Page
  • Restyle for Contact Form
  • Edit Article: Restyle for Field Tab
  • Restyle for Search Page
  • Restyle for smart search
  • Logo can't be clickable
  • iPhone potrait: CSS error on Login popup
  • Iphone: Content is cut off in HomePage
  • Iphone Landscape: CSS error on Login Page
  • iPhone Landscape: Align content to center on Contact Page
  • iPhone: Image of 'From our Blog' Module on bottom too big
  • iPhone: Login is too big
  • iPhone: CSS error on Menu
  • Iphone potrait: Make content to center
  • iPhone potrait: CSS error on Login page
  • Get error when enable Equalise all module widths

Zengrid Framework verion 5.1.4*

  • Updated for Joomla 3.8.5
  • Updated for PHP 7.2
  • Missing style file when enable dev mode
  • Cant change module position on two right sidebar layout
  • Can not keep default value when load saved settings
  • Save as copy function doesnt work property
  • Got error when add less files to compiler
  • Module position is displayed on two left sidebar incorrectly


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