Sneak peak at Avanti


Last year I put a call out for a new designer to join us here at Joomlabamboo via twitter. While we had a few worthy contenders contact us none fit the bill perfectly and so after hours scouring css galleries and other designer portfolios I came across David Vuu's folio. I instantly fell in love with the depth and attention to detail in his designs and felt that he would make a perfect compliment to the Joomlabamboo aesthetic. Avanti is his first design and I must say its a ripper!

Avanti is aimed at the "nu-corporate" crowd with a clean and minimal aesthetic, while still packing some subtle creative highlights in true Joomlabamboo fashion. Avanti is almost complete and should be available a few days into the new year. It's built upon the Zen Grid framework and features a new implementation of our popular JB Slideshow module. Check out the front page teaser below.


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