I've just released the Corporate Joomla template which is one of my personal favorite responsive joomla templates to date. It's a clean design that features a background slideshow, some elegant pixelated styling, a whopping 26 colour schemes, support for our brand new Zenkit K2 templates. In addition to this Corporate is available in a our newly realised quickstart packages (see below).

As I mentioned in the post announcing the template, Corporate is a more business savvy version of our popular Lifestyle template that was released back in January of this year. We went a little overboard on this template in terms of Colour schemes and so you can choose from 26 Colour schemes, 18 different button hilites and a selection of useful and colourful module classes.

Click on the images below to see a selection of the colour schemes available.

{loadposition corporate}

Everything is zen ... Introducing the Zen Web and Zenkit.

The template also heralds the release of two new product lines that I think will make a lot of our users happy.

Zen web packages ...

In the past, each template released was packaged with what we called a Quick Start package. These packages were basically replicas of our demo sites and while it meant that the basic structure of a site was available after you installed the package, with our extensions and the template already configured, it didn't necessarily mean that you could start writing your content straight away.

In order to get to the point at which you could start writing content it often meant that you had to delete the example menu items, content items and uninstalling k2 if you weren't using it.

Even at that point you still may not have been ready to start writing your content, because in addition to this you also needed to create your own content structure and then assign the various display modules across to the new categories and content items.

Even if you are accustom to working with Joomla and our templates this process could still take a few hours and if you are new to Joomla and our themes then I'm sure it could take considerably longer.

Just start writing ...

The zen web is designed to be basically installed and once installed for you to start writing. The zen business package ( the first package available) has a menu and content structure that is based on a typical business menu / content hierarchy. It's designed for service oriented businesses, which fits the use of the corporate template perfectly.

So once the package is installed you can get right down to personalising the content ... adding your services, client names, staff member profiles and more.

Joomla and K2 are now separated ...

In addition to this we have also separated K2 from the core installations so now there is a separate K2 package available if you want to use K2. If you are new to k2 please be sure to check out the main k2 site so that you can see what the key differences are and whether you need to use it's extra functionality.

K2 installations use Zenkit templates ...

The k2 installation also features our new zen kit templates ( More info ) so there are some key differences in the layouts available between the two versions. We have a demo in place for both the K2 and the Joomla zenweb packages so please make sure you install the package that fits your needs.

Please note: The new zenkit layouts are only available in the K2 zenweb packages.

Crucial links ...

For a full demonstration of the corporate Joomla template be sure to visit the demo site. To see a full run down of the instructions take a look at the feature overview, or read the documentation or if you are a member already download the template now.

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