After a slight delay - well a long delay really - I'd like to introduce the Lacuna Joomla template. The Lacuna Joomla template is a fun Joomla theme with a rich array of bold colours, mixed with smooth gradients and subtle textures that combine to create a beautiful and elegant design for your Joomla website. Lacuna comes with a slick new K2 template as well as the usual flexibility of the Zen Grid Framework.

For a full run down of the features you can check out the Lacuna features page, or go straight to the Lacuna demo, or read the documentationdownload the template.

Please note that as per our usual policy when templates are released late, that if your subscription expired in between the first of the month and the release dat we will be honour the terms of the subscription and supply you with the files for the template you are entitled to. All you need to do is contact us via the contact form and we will set you up with the necessary links to the template, quickstart and extensions required for Lacuna.

A small update to the Zen Grid Framework

I have also just released a minor update to the Zen Grid Framework - v1.1.12. This fixes a few minor issues with some of the core framework logic. You can read the changes from the changelog or club members can download the latest files from the Zen Grid Framework download page.

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