I've just rolled out a minor update to the Zen Grid Framework which fixes a few things but adds some of the lovely new fonts available via the Google Font directory. I was a little bit skeptical about the range of fonts available when the directory was first rolled out but these new additions certainly provide for quite a range of options that should cover most needs for font replacement.

You can see a full list of the fonts now available with all Zen Grid compatible Joomla templates here or go directly to the web font directory here to see what's on offer. Not all fonts have made it to the list but I think we have grabbed the essential fonts and provided a good spread across the various serif, san serif and more creative typographical styles to cover all of your bases.

In future versions of the framework I'll be changing the way that we implement font choices and I plan to open up the selectors available for font replacement so that the process is a little more flexible. But for now I hope you enjoy the addition of these new and very worthy fonts.

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