When I was looking at which template to use for March Joomla template, I couldn't quite decide whether to go ahead with the Project theme that I announced last week, or the Shop Ignition theme that you can see in this blog post. And so in the last few days I have decided to switch these template releases around so that the Shop Ignition template is now scheduled for release in March - hopefully sometime this week. And the Project template will be released in April.

It's been sometime since we released an ecommerce template - last one was in May last year with the Shopfront Joomla template, and so it's been quite exciting to dig into Tienda again - working with that component is certainly a very rewarding experience for a designer. The good news for hard-core virtuemart fans is that we will also be including styling for virtue mart via the K2 Mart shop extension.

Update - Rather than trying to wrangle Virtuemart into the Shopignition design we have decided to work with the Red Shop component which promises to offer a lot more flexibility and finesse from a design point of view. The Redshop features look awesome as well.

For a full preview of the Shopignition Joomla template check out the screenshot after the jump. (Update - Ive just added a screen grab of the product page)


The Shop Ignition Sub page:


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