Sticky Tabs - Review


Its a simple tool that basically allows you to stick tabs on the side of the screen by dragging the application window across to the screen edge - any edge. While I love using expose to help me navigate through the multitudes of windows I have open when Im working this little tool is really very handy, because it means that your desktop can remain uncluttered and still have all the apps that you are using open on the desktop.

Im sure that this is what the new spaces element in Leopard is going to be but for now this gets my two thumbs up. Its shareware and only $14.95 which is really not too much given the time you will save not sifting through your desktop.

Checkout the product description below:

About Sticky Windows
An application for Mac OS X Tiger which extends the tab browsing experience to the Desktop. Sticky Windows shrinks your windows into tabs when you drag a window towards the edge of your screen. Providing you with a completely clutter-free workspace. By clicking on the tab the user can show and hide the window.

The tab can be created by dragging a window on any side of the screen (more than one screen configuration is supported too). When the mouse reaches the margin of the screen a tab will appear.

To remove a tab, simply drag it away from the screen edge. If the window is not currently visible when the tab is dismissed, the original window is re-displayed on the screen.

What’s New in this Version

  • Tabs Types: “Manual” or “Automatic”
  • Tabs support drag and drop of files
  • Completely new style and new visual effects to provide better use experience
  • Completely new code base, more reliable and faster than version 1.x
  • Universal App: works with Intel and PPC Macs
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