Music to design to Vol. 2

Yesterday I put together the first volume in the music to design to which inspired the Joomla blog dj battle royale between me and Kyle from Joomla Praise. My mix was accused of being "new age" and "artsy" and Im afraid that todays set will probably achieve a similar reaction - this is of course music to design to so Id say Im probably bang on the money in terms of matching creative music for designing and creating.

Joomlapraise then leave us your thoughts - the winner will be drawn at the end of round three just in time for Christmas.

Tourmaline - Manual - Azure Vista


Building Steam with a Grain with a grain of salt - Dj Shadow - Entroducing


Coastal Brake (Lusine Remix) - Tycho - Coastal Brake


You can't go home again - DJ Shadow - The Private Press


My Heart Sings - Freakpower in Dub - Give em enough dope volume 2


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