There are some tracks that I seem to be able to listen to while designing that never get old. Of course it depends on my mood but for the most part the tracks listed below could easily be put on repeat and I would never get tired of them - well I haven't yet at least.

Radiohead - All I need

Thom Yorke is eminently watchable in this and all the film clips recorded in this session at The Basement.

Tycho - Past is Prologue

I actually had this on repeat by mistake once and it took me about 20 minutes to notice. For those of you not used to electronic music you might think that's a bad thing but for me it was pure gold as it meant that I had entered one of those precious alpha brain wave states that are so necessary when designing.

I know I mention Sigur Ros in the Music to design to series alot and although they are a bit of an acquired taste I can listen to them pretty much anytime duringthe work day. Also I really want to go to Iceland.

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