Zentools v1.9 released


Zentools v1.9 is a relatively minor update but i thought it warranted a 0.1 increment. You can get a full rundown of the changes and fixes on the Zentools changelog. If you are new to Zentools - check out what it can do on the Zentools demo site.

No need for JB Library in Joomla 3

This new version no longer requires the JB Library plugin when using it in Joomla 3.0 - so there is one less plugin to install on your site now.

Folks using the module in Joomla 2.5 still need either the framework or the library installed to process images as well as load jQuery.

Filter mode now switches from titles to an icon trigger at a given threshold.

You can see this in action on the Inspire template that was released yesterday.

This new function works by allowing the user to specify a browser width at which to switch the filter view. So anytime the browser is wider than the nominated value then the filter view will use titles of the items as the triggers.


While any browser width smaller than the nominated width will use font icons as triggers.


Simply add a screen width as per the screenshot below and the module will do all of the work.


Zentools v2 is coming

Development on Zentools v2 has been underway for some time but it's starting to take shape. At the moment we are looking at ways to improve the layout control via a drag and drop interface.

Other changes of note are that Zentools v2 will be allowed to merge a number of different content sources into a single stream. We are currently fleshing out the plugin architecture which will allow us to do this but I'm pretty excited about what we will be able to do with this.

I'll post some more updates on progress in the next week or so and I hope to have either an alpha or beta of v2 out within a month.

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