We have just released a pretty major update to our free jQuery JB LIbrary plugin. The aim of this release is to cut down on conflicts caused by other instances of the jQuery library loading on the page. jQuery is a fantastic javascript library but it tends to misbehave if there are multiple versions of the library being loaded and unfortunately some Joomla extension developers dont provide an easy way to turn the references off. JB Library can now remove extra instances of jQuery as well as any other javascript you want removed from your site's output.

The plugin also has the ability to remove the core Mootools library from the output as well as the ability to replace it with a version of mootools of your choosing. As a reminder the plugin also has old favourite affects like the ie6 Bad Browser warning, the jQuery Lazy load image loading script and the Scroll to top button. Upgrading to the new version of the library is as simple as installing the zip via the Joomla installer.

For more information and to download the plugin please check out the JB LIbrary documentation page.

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