This is accomplished in Joomla 3 with the Read More function. In the Article editor, simply place the cursor at the point in the text where the article should be truncated, then click the “Read More” button.

Joomla3 read more button

readmore with title

If you don’t want to see this additional article title in read more button here are the steps you need to follow to hide it from the article Intro page view.

Article manager

  1. At the Joomla backend, go to the Article manager

click joomla J3 article manager

  1. Once you are in the Article manager, click on the Options button in Joomla toolbar

click options button

  1. On the Article tab (the first tab in the Options page), scroll a page down a bit and look for the parameter with the title “Show Title with Read More”

change readmore parameter

  1. Click on the Hide value of the specified parameter and save the changes by clicking on the “Save and Close” button in the Joomla toolbar

save and close in options

That should be it. If you did everything right, Read more buttons under your article Intro text should be visible on the frontend of your website without the title of the article.

no readmore title example

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