One of the great additions to Joomla 2.5 was the Joomla update component. In the process of updating our older themes to Joomla 3 templates I have discovered that the update process can often go awry due to changes in the database from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.

Thankfully this is an easy thing to circumvent if you use the database fix tool first.

The error.

The error that this workflow specifically fixes is:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method [b]RuntimeException[/b]::get() in /home/www/[yoursitenamehere]/joomla3/libraries/joomla/error/error.php on line 797

How did we get here?

This error mainly seems to occur if you use the Joomla update process from a Joomla 1.5 site converted to Joomla 2.5. However there are also some users reporting that error also occurs from fresh Joomla 2.5 installations.

How to fix the error.

  1. Before updating your instance of Joomla you need to fix the database tables for the site. The database tool can be found under the extensions manager > database tab in your site's admin.


  1. Once on this screen you should see that there are errors in the database.


  1. If there are errors click the fix button in the top right hand corner.


  1. After the fix button has been clicked you should see a success message as per the screenshot below.


  1. From here it should now be safe to use the Joomla update component to update Joomla to Joomla 3+. If the Joomla Update component is not visible in your component menu then use the discover tool to find and install the component.


  1. Install the update.


  1. Download and install the package.


  1. If the process has been a success you should see the following success message.


There may be other reasons for this issue but the one that I have been facing updating our packages is solved by this workflow. Best of luck with your updating!

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