How to enable sub menu items in Joomla


All Joomlabamboo joomla templates use the default built-in Joomla menu module for their main menu navigation. A common question we get on the forum and ticket system is how to get sub menu items to display in the template. So today we will look into this issue.

The Challenge

You've created several sub menu items inside the menu manager as per this knowledgebase item, however the sub menu items are not available across all pages and only appear to show on some pages.

The Solution

By default when adding a new instance of the Joomla menu module it has the option to display sub menu items disabled.

In order to display sub menu items across all pages on your site you need to ensure that the: "Show Sub-menu items" is enabled inside menu module settings.

Once enabled, you will see sub menu items drop down on every page.


### Troubleshooting - other causes of sub menu items not displaying. There are some other errors that might lead to sub menu items not showing on the page. Another common issue is that the page is loading the jQuery library twice. By default jQuery library is loaded for example by well known and often used k2 extension and JoomlaWorks Simple Image Gallery extension. In both cases you need to disable loading of jQuery inside parameters or settings of these extensions when using Joomlabamboo templates to avoid this error.
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