Stage Fright


The first project for a new client always puts me on edge.

Even though I know I have the skills (having done similar work many times before).

I worry on the weekend and wake at night.

I’m still surprised when veteran actors admit stage fright on opening nights (or even every night).

Yet now I appreciate how they feel.

So, does stage fright haunt every theatre of small business? For instance, do:

  • Builders fear new houses?
  • Painters fear new walls?
  • IT folk fear new websites?
  • Caterers fear new functions?
  • Teachers fear new classes?
  • Consultants fear new clients?
  • Podiatrists fear new feet?

If you get stage fright, how does it manifest, how do you deal with it and at what point in the work process does it stop (if at all)?

Is stage fright linked to new customers, new projects, new tasks or something else?

Is preparation, experience, herbal tea (or anything else) an antidote to The Fear?


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