Last year I wrote about how I'd been somewhat of a recluse when it came to getting out of the office and going to meet other Joomla folk at Joomladays or user groups, but since last year's Joomladay Sydney, that's changed a lot.

It was great to meet folks in real life that I'd only ever skyped or tweeted with and so I am very much looking forward to meeting them and also some new folks in a couple of weeks for Joomladay Sydney, on October 19th to 20th.

The Responsive Event


This year the conference is billed as the responsive event and I have the pleasure of delivering a talk in the business stream on responsive design.

My session will be a user friendly introduction into responsive design in Joomla and the web in general. The other sessions look like they dovetail nicely with the responsive theme, with sessions on responsive marketing, responsive ecommerce, responsive SEO and more.

Responsive workshops


In addition to this on Sunday there are some great looking workshops.

I'll be running a workshop on how to create a responsive template. This will be an indepth technical and somewhat hands on approach to building a responsive template. I'll be focussing on using the T3 framework with our Zentools module but if you have any other questions regarding templating or responsive design feel free to come along and ask them.

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