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Since I started putting more life into the Joomlabamboo blog I have gained a new admiration for all of the amazing Joomla blogs that Ive followed over the last few years. There are a wealth of blogs out there that talk about Joomla and sometimes its hard to know which ones to follow. I'm a bit lazy with my RSS reader and tend not to check them as often as perhaps I should, as I tend to read blogs when I feel like it, or I have time or at least when I see it tweeted and need a distraction from work.

This list of blogs and bloggers are some of the blogs that have been crucial in terms of deepening my experience of Joomla over the last few years. What strikes me about most of these is the tone that they set. I much prefer reading a blog post that is personal, based on experience, written without spin and perhaps even has a little humour. I don't think that each blog post needs to cover all of these things in each and every post but its important for personality to pop through the Joomla tips, tricks and politics.



I dont think I can underestimate enough the help that Steve's blog has provided over the years. When I first started getting into Joomla, the Alledia blog was a daily connection to a new community as well as a source of honest and personal opinions about the macro and micro aspects of using and being involved in Joomla.

Brian Teeman


Talking about honest opinions, Brian's tagline says it all. Brian likes to have a bit of fun on his blog and he manages to mix that up with a lot of hard hitting opinions regarding the state of Joomla, using Joomla and web development in general.

Rocket Theme


The next two blogs are rival joomla template clubs but what I love about Joomla is that while there can be at times an intense rivalry and competition about pushing the envelope on template design, there can also be a lot of friendly interaction between the template designers behind the scenes and also on social media. I find the Rocket Theme blog incredible, not just because of the cool design, but also because of the obvious wealth of knowledge that Andy and the team have when it comes to Joomla.


I see the Prothemer team in the same light as Rocket Theme. This blog is definitely worth following when it comes to needing some smart ways to tweak and control the joomla CMS. (Can't wait for the Prothemer launch guys!)

How to Joomla


Check the line up of bloggers on this blog: Cory Webb, Joe Le Blanc, Tom Canavan, Brian Edgerton and James Hafner. Probably no need to say anything more other than an incredible resource for new and experienced Joomla users alike.


These guys must have been a little busy recently given that their last post was at the end of December but its another example of an all star lineup: Amy Stephen, Angie Radtke, Antonie de Wilde, Arno Zijlstra, Robin Muilwijk, Wilco Jansen and Wolfgang Dish. Well worth checking to see if they get some time to spare ...



Yes, yes I know that Jeremy is a part of the Joomlabamboo team but his personal blog is certainly worth following for deeper Joomla technical tips. Im yet to meet Jeremy in person so I'm not sure what all the references to Gnomes are about but Im sure that day will come soon.

I'd love to hear about the blogs that you follow and more importantly - why?

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