Does blogging bring you business?


In my experience, yes.

I know this for sure, because one prospect contacted me and said:

blog for some time. And, having seen what you’ve written about various topics, and how you interact with your readers, I’ve formed the opinion that we can do business together.{/jb_quote}

She was right.

And it sure beat the crap out of me cold-calling her.

Such explicit blogging-for-business wins are rare.

To the intense frustration of old-school marketing types, it’s very hard to calculate return on investment for social media.

I get oodles of vibes, though. Blogging seems to glue all my other marketing initiatives together.

Depending where prospects are in their purchasing process, blogging:

  • Puts me on their radar.
  • Explains what I do.
  • Confirms my credentials.
  • Gets them over the line with their decision to use me.

What I can do is post entertaining, educational, high-quality content that costs me nothing, lasts forever and nudges ever more business to my door.

I dig it the most!

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