[Its also built on wordpress and using it in the last few days has really helped me to see the power and simplicity of the platform. I think that using different cms/blogging platforms can really help to change your workflow as well as open your mind to different ways of thinking, which can only be good in terms of creativity from a writing and a design point of view.


Rather than create an entire theme for Bamboo Pixel just yet, I have decided to use a wordpress theme from Elegant Themes. I really like the way that they put together designs - super rich and detailed - and I especially like the November theme called Glow. Ill probably refresh and redesign in the next few months and there are certainly some little tweaks that ill implement in between now and then but for now Im very happy with the outcome.

Ive just put together the first full post for 2010 focussing on the design and aesthetics of a handful of surf report and surf cam websites. Ill most likely post updates and overviews of the major posts I put together for Bamboo Pixel but be sure to grab the rss feed - Ive got quite a bit of interesting web design and coding snippets that Ill be publishing in the next few weeks and months.

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