We are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with SiteGround to deliver hosting services for the JoomlaBamboo website. In fact, we moved servers a few months ago but I wanted to hold off on the blog post as we put the new server through it's paces.

SiteGround knows Joomla

SiteGround is a well known supporter of Joomla and has been offering specialized Joomla hosting services for many years now. They currently host more than 80 000 Joomla websites and have proven to be a reliable, secure and specialized Joomla hosting provider. That's why we chose them in the first place.

A faster website

If you've noticed the tremendous performance burst in the Joomlabamboo website, now you know the reason. As of the last month or two, our website has been generously hosted for free on their platform and we're nothing less but extremely pleased with the service we receive from them. In fact this increase in speed has translated in to a significant bump in traffic.

Decrease in page load time.

The graph below highlights the change in average site speed for Joomlabamboo. As you can see there was a significant drop in page load times for the month of August and while the average is still a little high for my liking much of that is down to on-page and template optimisation.

(As a disclaimer, our previous server setup was a well tuned VPS, while our current setup at SiteGround is a dedicated server so you would expect to see an improvement here. But in Google's new world order shaving a second or two off page load can mean the difference of a front page vs second or third page result.)


Increase in traffic around the same time.

The new server was switched on on the 2nd of August and the high point on the graph below reflects the number of visitors we received for the month of August. The graph is a little deceptive but it represents around a 25% bump in traffic. There are a few factors that go towards traffic spikes of course, but it's undeniable that site speed is a big factor when it comes to google ranking and organic site visits.


Stellar support

Moving a site of the size and complexity of Joomlabamboo is no mean feat and with the dedicated help from the SiteGround team, we were able to move servers without any downtime and with only a few small (quickly fixed) hiccups. Since then I've had cause to contact SiteGround support a few times but the response has always been quick, courteous and professional.

This is a big one for us. Since we are based in Australia and often do our live site tinkering when the rest of the world is sleeping, we need access to 24 hour support just in case something goes wrong.

Five reasons to choose SiteGround

Choosing who you host with can be quite a personal choice and we are more than happy with our choice to host with SiteGround. You can also read our five reasons for choosing SiteGround for some more indepth information.

Special offer for Joomlabamboo visitors.

SiteGround has also been kind enough to offer Joomlabamboo visitors a special 40% discount off a selection of their hosting plans. So if you are in the market for new server space checkout the special hosting offer for Joomlabamboo visitors.

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