Joomla 3+ Template

Profilr is a stunning one page Joomla template that features fullscreen video, fullscreen maps plus a built in slideshow, fullwidth gallery and photoset grid layout. More

  • Fullscreen Video

    Profilr features the ability to showcase your video work using full screen background positioning that makes your video responsively fit the width and height of your views screen.

  • Fullscreen Slideshow

    Profilr also features a built in fullscreen slideshow that gives you the ability to load images from a folder on your Joomla site .

  • Responsive template design

    The Profilr template is a mobile friendly and responsive Joomla template that is optimised
    to display perfectly in your visitors browser regardless of the device or screen size they are viewing your site with.

    Responsive preview

  • Fullwidth Gallery

    A simple gallery that displays your images front and center as full width images that stretch across the page.

  • Photoset Gallery

    The photoset gallery is a flexible grid of images based on Tumblr's photoset feature. Easily control the grid used by selecting the image source and then defining the number of images to use per row.

  • Fullscreen Map

    A google map is automatically created when you add an address to the template profile tab. No fiddly latitude or longitude co-ordinants to setup, the map comes from your street address.

  • Choose your modules

    Profilr allows you to select your own module positions to display in the main panel area. So it's easy to adjust the module positions according to your own naming convention.

  • Intelligent collapsible sidebar

    The sidebar in the Profilr template is super flexible and can be controlled on a per panel basis. Need to reduce the sidebar at any browser size on a specific panel to showcase the full glory of your images? You can do that. The template admin allows you to carefully select which panels to collapse the full panel.

  • Icon Menu

    Select from the library of 75+ font icons to use as menu triggers when your sidebar is collapsed.

  • Three built in avatar effects

    Specify round, square or large image styles to apply to the profile image in the sidebar.

  • Facebook avatar ready

    Why use a new avatar if you already have one uploaded to facebook. Flick the switch and enter your facebook id and hey presto your avatar will appear. Simple.

  • Custom Overlays

    Overlay html on top of your videos, slideshows, galleries or map. You can also choose to the style of the overlay by selecting primary, dark, light or none.

  • Built in Google Analytics

    It's easy to add google analytics or other tracking code via the template administrator.

  • Built in Google Fonts

    Easily add any font available in the Google webfont library. The template also has the capcity for you to specify the relative font weight of body copy and heading tags.

  • Smart script compression

    Load an already optimised single file that contains all necessary template generated javascript to improve your site loading time and SEO.

  • Uses LESS

    Profilr uses LESS css to compile variables set via the template administrator. This means that there are no calls on page load to set template variables.

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