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Change the way you create image galleries in Joomla. Presto is a fully integrated Ajax based drag and drop gallery that is baked right into the template itself. No more complex 3rd party templating, plugin codes or messy menu id's. Presto will simplify all your gallery needs.  More

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface

    Presto features an easy to use gallery builder that allows you to search through images in your Joomla site and then drag the ones you want into your gallery. Image titles, descriptions, author and date details are easily adjusted in the template admin regardless of the original filename of the image. Presto gives you back control of your images.

    Drag and Drop

    Once images are added to a gallery their titles, descriptions and other meta data can be edited. The order in which an image appears in the gallery can be adjusted by simply dragging the image to the place where you want it positioned in the gallery.

  • A diverse range of responsive layouts

    The pro version of Presto comes with 13 Gallery layouts and 7 Home Page layouts. Layouts are assigned on a gallery by gallery basis so you can create a gallery that features any or all of the gallery layouts available. While the lite version features 8 gallery layouts and 3 home layouts. Presto features a new templating system which makes creating a new layout styles a simple affair.

    • Pro Version
    • Lite Version

  • Responsive template design

    Presto features an intelligent responsive design that changes it's display
    depending on the size of the screen your visitor is viewing your site with. This means that you only need a single design
    to work on the multitude of tablets, phones, laptops and desktop screens that your visitor may be viewing your site with.

    Live Preview

  • Presto is social

    Presto also features a wide range of tools for promoting your work on the popular social networks. Tweet this, Facebook share, Pinterest pin it and google plus functionality is built into the template core. The Pro version of Presto also allows you to add Facebook like and share, Twitter tweet this, Google plus and Pinterest Pin it buttons for each image in the gallery in the image gallery lightbox. Being social has never been so easy.

  • Disqus commenting integrated

    Drag and DropThe pro version of Presto also features built in commenting functionality provided by the awesome 3rd party commenting service Disqus. Disqus is a simple solution for providing your visitors with the ability to comment directly on your work. Social sign on from Twitter and Facebook also means fewer obstacles for you to engage with your visitors.

  • Meta data and item layouts

    Item tags define how specific items in the gallery look. Item tags are configured using a drag and drop interface that allows you to decide which tags are displayed and the order they appear in. They are decided on a template by template basis which gives you the flexibility of having multiple galleries displaying with different layouts and meta data for your users. Item layouts include the item image, title, description, author, date and the pro version comes with the option of providing download links for your users.

  • A magnificent responsive lightbox

    Magnific is an open source responsive Lightbox that provides a flexible solution for showing the larger / original version of your image in a lightbox. We added the ability to include share this functionality with some of the popular social networks to round it out as a flexible and social gallery lightbox solution.

    Presto also provides the ability to decide which items to display in the lightbox. You can easily display the item’s title, text, link, download button, author, date information and pro users can display Tweet this, Pin jt button for Pinterest, Google Plus and Facebook Share buttons.

  • Bootstrap support

    Presto also provides bootstrap support for users that want to integrate the theme into other bootstrap dependant solutions.

  • Open architecture and developer friendly

    Presto is developer friendly and features an easy to use plug and play architecture that makes it easy for developers to add their own gallery layouts. The lite and pro versions of Presto feature a Blank gallery layout that can be used as a starting point to make Presto your own.

  • Responsive Images

    Presto uses the Response.js plugin to make sure your visitors download the best and smallest image required for their specific screen resolution. Images are always sharp no matter what the screen size and are sized accordingly so your images load fast.

  • Built in image resizing

    Presto images are resized and cached in the template admin. There is no dynamic or front end image resizing in Presto which means that images are already prepared and ready for display. Combined with the Presto Responsive image solution this means that your gallery images will load as fast as possible on your visitors connection with no overhead required by the server to serve up a resized image on the fly.

  • Retrieve remote images

    Need to source an image from another website? Enter the url of the image hit the Add remote image button and the image will now be available for use in your gallery. Of course we recommend you only use this function if you have the rights to the image.

  • Built in user access

    Presto has the ability to “lock” galleries on a gallery by gallery basis. This means that a user needs to be logged in before they view the images in the gallery. Locked Galleries are either hidden entirely from view, or the first image in the gallery is displayed. When a locked gallery is clicked Presto takes the user to a landing page that you can use to add a login form or conversion page to encourage your users to sign up.

  • Extensive styling tools

    The Presto pro theme comes with three out of the box base themes including Dark, Light and Background, while the free version includes the Light and Dark themes. New themes can be easily added by dropping a less file into the less folder. Other styles features include options for images styles, options for item styles, a preset system built on our less compiler. You can also decide to hide thumbnail images in the gallery, display the menu in the top, bottom or off canvas position. Presto also features extensive access to the Google Webfont directory so you can get creative with your gallery typography.

  • Diverse range of gallery tools

    Presto features a number of tools to make creating and maintaining your gallery easier. Included is a Compile Less to CSS tool, the ability to compile and compress any relevant javascript. You can also decide to use the Joomla version or a Google hosted version of the jQuery library. Development Mode can be used to troubleshoot your gallery by viewing uncompressed javascript in it’s original files. Cached images are easily deleted in a batch delete process. And you can also add Custom Scripts, custom css meta tags and analytics code after the opening head, before the closing head, after the opening body and before the closing body tags.

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