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Put your work on a larger canvas! Focus2 is a fullscreen background slideshow theme built for photographers to showcase their work on a large stage.                 More

    • Super speedy template performance

      Focus2 is a lightweight and fast theme that with a little tweaking can score above 90% in both YSlow and page speed speed tests.

      Check out the speed test results on the Focus2 demo site.

    • Fullscreen slideshow

      Focus2 features a fullscreen background image slideshow function that makes it possible to display a single or multiple image slideshow in the background of your content. It is also possible to display multiple slideshows on a single page.

    • Download Images

      Need to make your work available for users to download? Focus2 has a download button that makes it possible to download the current image displaying in the slideshow.

    • Selective Bootstrap support

      Bootstrap is not required for the Focus2 template to operate with basic Joomla content views however if you need Bootstrap you can use our selective implementation tool to add the various required bootstrap elements to your design. It's easy to add your required bootstrap elements without adding the entire bootstrap library.

  • Draggable Layout tool

    Easily create and control your layouts using our draggable layout tool. It's easy to get a visual representation of your site's layout via the layout tool which allows you to hide publish and control modules with an easy to use draggable interface.

  • Extensive list of google fonts available

    This template allows you to choose from a wide variety of fonts. It's easy to add to the core font stacks with any of the fonts listed on the Google web font directory. With new fonts added every week the sky is literally the limit.

  • Connect your social networks

    Focus2 also offers the ability to connect your site to your social networks. Add social sharing for facebook, google plus, pinterest and twitter at the click of a button.

  • Zentools Responsive layout module

    Zentools is a powerful tool for creating responsive grids, slideshows, carousels, accordions and more. It provides all the functionality you need to populate your site with stunning and flexible responsive layouts using images from a folder, your Joomla or K2 content.

  • Offcanvas, megamenu and accordion menus

    Focus2 also features a range of menu tools for creating dropdown, vertical, accordion and offcanvas menus. The Zenmenu plugin makes it possible to add icons, subtitles and multi-column menus to any core Joomla menu module.

  • Baked in CSS3 animations

    You can easily add fancy fading, sliding and bouncing affects to entire rows of your content using the built in css3 animation tool. Adding animations to your Joomla template has never been easier.

  • Back to top, Sticky Nav and Lazyload Image

    Other fancy features also include a native back to top button, the ability to pin the navigation to the top of the page when the user scrolls down the page. Lazyload offers the delayed loading of images on the page to help speed up page loads and reduce bandwidth for your users.

  • Developer friendly tools and architecture

    Focus2 also features a vast range of tools to offer customisation of javascript, css and less. Easily eadd new scripts, control the loading of assets and more.

  • Built in One page mode

    Focus2 also features the ability to create a simple one page smooth scrolling design. The Focus2 demo showcases this function. One page make it possible to use your main navigation to scroll to specified anchor points on your page. One page mode works perfectly on mobile devices via the offcanvas or toggle menu options.

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